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The streets nestled between the Arts District on Santa Fe Drive are filled with studios, artists, small businesses and restaurants, but every once in a while you discover a hidden gem in the area that perhaps went overlooked. The courtyard inside the 910 Arts building is certainly one of those hidden treasures. The following article is a tribute to the lush, creative space and the designer, Denver artist Paul Moschell, who created the space. We could not have described it better ourselves… 


“A Garden Oasis on Santa Fe Drive” by Ginny Abblett
July 26, 2011
910 Arts has been home on Santa Fe Drive for perhaps 20 artists, the Gallery and Boutique at 910 Arts and Studio 6 Coffee Shop [and Market Creation Group] for six years.  As visitors step into the hidden courtyard at 910 Santa Fe Drive, a lush scene unfolds.

This might just be the most unique and soothing spot in Denver for a working lunch, as one sips a latte or nibbles on an expertly crafted grilled sandwich. It all happens within a horticultural oasis, this miracle garden created by Paul Moschell who moved to Denver from Indianapolis several years ago.

Moschell’s unique miniature paintings, which he previously showed in Indianapolis and Chicago, are now displayed in the Moschell/Norris Studio/Gallery which is just off the courtyard at 910Arts. http://www.facebook.com/PaulMoschell.

He was immediately impressed with the space for rent, yet it was the adjacent courtyard that drew him in.  At once he began dreaming about the courtyard gardening possibilities.  It is, after all, his own backyard. 

An unusual twisted filbert, planted in a huge ceramic pot and also known as a “walking stick tree,” is the centerpiece.  Lacy strawberry vines sway in the breeze trailing from the walkover bridge, and planters scattered about the courtyard burst with a variety of green and flowering plants.  Setting it all to soft music, a tiered fountain spills in the background.

Moschell is a self taught gardener who learned to grow vegetable and fruit trees as a small boy in Indiana, and he admits that he is one who asks many questions. 

He tributes the staff at City Floral Nursery for patiently advising him, answering his frequent queries about container gardening in an arid climate, sun and watering needs, and introducing him to unusual plant possibilities.  Moschell introduced ladybugs to curb plant pests and poisonous insecticides are taboo.

It’s all a joy, insists Moschell, whose townhouse home has a small balcony for container planting, yet the 910 Arts Courtyard has given him the opportunity and the space to soar with his botanical aspirations.  He is partial to succulents, sedum, vines and ivy, and most mornings one can find him watering and fertilizing in the courtyard.  At nighttime he’ll likely be painting in his studio with the door open, the fountain playing in the background.

Much of it is about whimsy, as Paul Moschell is that sort of guy.  His persona includes elaborate tattoos, delightfully quirky “wide eyed” miniature paintings, and his two and a half pound chihuahua,“Tootie-Lynn” who is often cradled in the palm of his hand. 

He shares the studio with photographer Anthony Norris, and if they are not roller skating about their studio or courtyard, at least one of them is moving back and forth on the swing attached to the ceiling of their studio.

Paul Moschell muses, “Perhaps this is all selfish because it gives me such joy.  I simply do what I am good at and what I love.” 

A visit to the courtyard at 910 Arts will assure you that he has done exactly that.”

For more information on Ginny Abblett go to http://bit.ly/reaCci.
For more information on Paul Moschell go to http://www.facebook.com/PaulMoschell.
For more information on the 910 Arts community, visit their homepage http://bit.ly/o6JyPg.
To view the original article visit http://bit.ly/nEvoPY.


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