Claire Bergstrom | Now Showing at The Gallery At Hangar 41 through August 2012

Sarah Barth

Claire Bergstrom

Boldly poetic and intriguing in design, the metal work of Claire Bergstrom will pull you in like a good story.  Her signature series, “Things that Bend and Fold” features elegantly hinged works of art that evoke a contradictory relationship between interior and exterior.  Hidden within each mysterious contraption is a wealth of volume to be explored, reminding us of what Claire describes as “forgotten opportunities for revelry.”

Inspired by the communicative power of sculptural form, Bergstrom’s work promotes both curiosity and imagination in the viewer.  Lean in close to explore the unique intricacies of each piece as you wonder… what is this object?  What does it do and who might who use it?  Your next inclination will be to pick up the tiny works of art to see how they move! 

Derived from pop-up books and origami, the series is designed with sleek exteriors that open up to reveal a second level of complexity.  “There is wonder in natural logic, in the details of our environment, and in the inner lives of the people we think we know well,” Claire explains.  With childlike curiosity she explores this forgotten sense of wonder, awakening us to an “ever-present wealth available to the inquisitive mind.”

Also showcased is Bergsrom’s popular series of hinged Butterfly RIngs.  Sitting strategically on the third and forth finger, delicate wings flutter naturally as fingers move about!  A jeweler in profession, Claire brings a fresh approach to design believing that jewelry is “sculpture living at the interface between the individual and the surrounding world.”

Bergstrom has been refining her craft for twelve years.  It began with a hammer and a steel block that were given as Christmas gifts from her parents at a young age.  She has since completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Georgia and is currently living in Castle Rock, Colorado where she strives to render the rich and complex stories of individual people and their relationships through highly personalized designs.  She still uses that hammer and block.

Claire’s work will be featured this Third Friday, August 17th at The Gallery At Hangar 41 and will be on display through the month of August.  You can see more of her work at

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