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Sarah Barth

New Series by C.C. Opiela to be Featured this February 2012
Article by Sarah Barth


Through masterful color and characteristic abstraction, C.C. Opiela brings us an exciting new series of non-traditional landscapes to be featured this month in her gallery at 840 Santa Fe Drive.

In a style of “controlled chaos,” Opiela harnesses a sense of wild passion and limitless energy to create something that is both powerful and uplifting. Her emotion driven painting style is characterized by loose and fluid brush strokes, created in a fast- paced gestural manner. She works quickly and intuitively, pouring and smattering paint onto the canvas until the essence of her subject reveals itself in a way that is powerful, emotional and vibrant.

In her latest series, “Jewels of the Forest,” Opiela captures the spirit of the Aspen grove in an inviting and energetic light. Much akin to her widely celebrated floral series, these new works create a highly emotional space filled with movement and depth. Through expressive pattern and a bold and deliberate color pallet, C.C. invites the viewer to dance and celebrate amongst the natural beauty of the forest!

When asked about her process, Opiela insists that each of her paintings starts off as TOTALLY non-objective, emphasizing that COLOR is the root of inspiration in ALL of her work. In a truly organic fashion, patterns take shape and begin to build off of one another as themes are born… they die… and they become something new. In time, layer upon layer of acrylic color gives way to a natural sense of depth on canvas. “As in nature,” C.C. explains, “thereʼs no wrong or right when the painting takes on a life of its own.”

Located in the heart of Denverʼs Art District on Santa Fe, C.C. Opiela Gallery features the work of several renown contemporary artists and includes painting, sculpture, and mixed media. Opiela, an internationally traveled and exhibited artist and lecturer, has restored the 1400 square foot gallery building constructed in 1891 to its classic form, including mosaic tile floors and the original tin ceiling. This year she will celebrate her four year anniversary in the space, which has grown to include a working artist studio, painting classes, and event hosting. Stop by for a visit and you are likely to catch C.C. busy at work on a new creation!
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